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About Rachol

My envision of Rachol is that it be a line of femininity and true character. I enjoy feeling like the beautiful lady I am. And I want every other woman and girl to see this in themselves as well. I find joy in the beauty of life. When I think of what’s beautiful and what makes me feel beautiful, I put myself in a field of flowers. And you can’t place yourself in a field of flowers without wearing a beautiful flowy, lace, ruffled sundress; spinning barefoot, as nothing else matters in the world. Throw on a hat to truly block out the world and you are set.

One of my favorite things is when I'm wearing a piece full of life, beauty, and color, and a stranger comes up to me to tell me that they also see the beauty in the piece that I am wearing. Not because I want them to compliment me, but because I love sharing that feeling with another person. I love thinking, hell yes, they get it. They know. We all find passion and appreciation in different things; finding those who share that fascination is what makes life so exciting.

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